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I came across this video today on Facebook and had to share it on my blog. This is my personal goal for my family although not quite as extreme. I can foresee growing a garden that sustains all of our personal produce. The quality breads and meats we will still buy from someone local along with our gas. I like that he said it was a ten year long process. If I can be halfway here in five years then that is a really good start.

Not only do I want this to be for me but I also want to help implement these kind of gardens and landscapes in other people’s homes and have been getting more and more calls for this as the years go by.

There is so much information out there on how to do this kind of gardening and if you are interested you can google what they are doing in the U.K. They are completely pioneering a new way of life over there in many parts of that country which I hope will continue to influence what we do here in America.

I would one day like to see master planned communities have master gardens in their designs along with the normal amenities they already have such as pools and playscapes