Water Features

All pondless waterfalls, running rivers, babbling brooks and Koi ponds can be designed for your personal landscape desires.  A water feature adds that special touch to any of our landscape themes.

Life cycle of a water garden:

Some water gardens may become overgrown due to neglect for many reasons. Sometimes the plants themselves are wrong for the size pond they are in. Below is a picture gallery of a pond rebuild we did over the last year. This was a referral that we received from one of our customers. Her pond became way too overgrown and the liner somehow got a leak and wasn’t holding water.



Another common mistake is to place the stone on the top ledge. This gives the pond liner more exposure to sun and will eventually break down a lot faster.

Here is another angle of that same pond.

pond cleaning water gardens  water features austin ponds 2


So on day one we have to remove all overgrown plants and begin draining the pond…

pond cleaning ponds water gardens water features austin 3


Pretty nasty water right? Now comes the rebuild…

pond cleaning ponds water features water gardens 4


So what we’ve done here is installed a new liner, new pump, biofall, skimmer and we gave her a nice little waterfall and strategically placed boulders in way so that all liner will be covered and pocket beds for water plants can be installed.

Completed with plants. The sediment from the water will settle in the next 24 hours…

pond cleaning ponds water features water gardens austin 5

Much nicer. Now one year later after the first clean out…

Pond cleaning ponds water features water gardens Austin 61

Now she has a beautiful fish pond/water garden that she can enjoy for years to come. All it requires is an annual cleaning/pruning and some monthly maintenance using beneficial bacteria and liquid barley.

For a pond cleaning/rebuild or new install call one of our professionals at 512-669-6043