Smart Irrigation Solutions

Greener Austin is changing the irrigation business model with our unique and efficient design and installation teams. We only install the highest quality irrigation systems available.

We have teams of licensed irrigators that work directly with our landscape designers so that your irrigation functions with the highest efficiency which in turn means green grass and healthy plants without over coverage/under coverage.

All of our systems have rain sensors, automatic timers, double check valves, master valve if needed. All of our systems come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. (Our new customer rate of $70.00 per hour does apply to replace damaged product that is under warranty but there is no additional charge for any products under warranty)

All our customers benefit from our discounted rate for all annual/seasonal programming or check-ups.

New installations start at $4,000.00 which includes up to five zones. All additional zones are priced according to location, terrain and type of zone installed.


Repair work:

Our standard rate of $125.00 for the first hour and $85.00 each additional hour applies to all repairs, rezoning, and all other irrigation labor. Parts are billed separately in case you need a copy of the receipt for the city of Austin rebate program (see below).


City of Austin Rebate Program:

All current systems that can be updated to a higher efficiency system or systems that reduce grass coverage and are rezoned for drip can qualify for a rebate from the city.

Here is the link:


Greener Austin can come and do an evaluation and diagnosis of your system for $150.00.

System evaluation includes:

Static pressure check

Double check valve (to see if properly installed and working)

All zones evaluated for any over/under coverage and recommendations made

System evaluated to see if you can convert any zones to drip or micro emitters.

Timer programmed correctly for maximum efficiency

Rain sensor check (or installed if you don’t have one. Standard rates apply)