Community Gardens

Most of what you will find here is non-profit organizations. A definite source of information for what you’re interested in.


A Guide to Permaculture Design:

After a few years of landscaping my front yard with walking paths, natural raised beds and clusters of evergreens and perennials I wanted something more. I loved it so much because I created a butterfly and hummingbird garden but it was not edible for my family in any way.

I have been slowly studying permaculture and urban gardening so through much research I discovered a food pyramid, much different than we learned in schools. And I wanted to change my eating to more of a plant based diet so I took the foundational plants in the food pyramid and began to plant them in my front yard. They consist of Spinach, Kale, Chard, Celery and Cucumber. I discovered that for any person starting out this is the best place. This is what you will need to eat the most of in a plant based diet and these vegetables are easy to grow and maintain. My goal now is to continue to transform my yard into a great edible walking garden over the next three years. My plan of design will be in line with what we eat the most of currently.

Leafy greens

Berries and cherries




Below are a few websites and videos to help anyone that wants to learn more.