Terracing is a design element that we use on sloped landscapes. It maximizes saturation while minimizing water flow and runoff. We use all types of stone from native limestone, to sandstone, moss rock and large boulders. We can incorporate a wide variety of plants creating any look that you may want to achieve.



Retaining wall using a blend of three colors of limestone and matched with limestone boulders giving it a more natural look.

landscape design landscaping xeriscape rockwork


Multiple (6×6) limestone retaining walls with a winding staircase using Oklahoma flagstone in the middle leading up to the front door. We installed all native plants that do great in full sun requiring very little water. The bottom terrace has native river rock while all the other terraces have decomposed granite. This design prevents the decomposed granite from washing during heavy rains.

landscape design landscaping rockwork xeriscape austin


Same landscape from a distance.

landscape design Austin landscaping xeriscape


Retaining walls using a combination of limestone blocks and decorative limestone boulders. River rock was placed on every terrace because this house is at the bottom of a hill and gets the brunt of much of the rainwater that comes from the top of the street. Now the water can free flow through the river rock while the terracing helps slow that process down. Native grasses were installed to soften the look and drink the excess water. Notice how the river rock is installed one inch below the driveway/concrete line. This design element is a must when terracing on this kind of slope.