Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is becoming more and more important all over the city. With our four year drought, increased population and stress on our aquifers and lakes, rainwater harvesting, a fully pressurized, smart irrigation system that is directly connected to rainwater tanks and native landscaping including edible landscaping is one of the most, if not the most important upgrades that you can make to your house.

Our systems start as small as 100 gallons and go up to 5000 gallons with multiple tank options and filtration options.

Before installing a rainwater collection/distribution system it is important to know what your end use for the water is.

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The Texas Triangle:

This is the land between Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, including Austin, Temple, Waco and College Station. This is one of the largest population and industrial booms that is trending in the United States and will continue to trend upward in the next twenty-five years with an estimated 20 million people arriving or being born in this region. That will increase the demand for water more than  our aquifers can recharge.

The silver lining however is this region is also known as flash flood alley which means the entire region gets massive downpours of rain, which can be collected and redistributed intentionally with a lot more conservation in mind. So despite the growth in population we have enough re-usable rain that comes to recharge rainwater collection tanks thus minimizing the demand on the aquifers and lakes and minimizing storm water run off.

Along with smart irrigation, native landscaping and edible landscaping we could possibly change the way we use water, design commercial and residential landscaping and manage agriculture.

An interesting video on our water supply/shortage and our water quality around the country is film called:

Last Call at the Oasis. Here is a youtube link below.