Chris Martin – landscape designer and author is the founder of greeneraustin.com.

Greener Austin was created to be a central hub for everything “green” in central Texas and now the Texas Triangle. We started out as a landscape company serving north and northwest Austin and have expanded to all of central Texas with our design/build and include an extensive variety of landscape themes that work well in this area. We are now expanding beyond landscaping into smart irrigation, rain water harvesting and water softeners.

Greener Austin works with, supports and markets the best contractors in their perspective industries and specialties. All of our contractors have a proven track with design, build, customer service and satisfaction.

Here is a brief video/commercial of some of our landscape designs:

Greener Austin is the flagship and now one of four participants in the Greener Texas Triangle Organization; GTTO. The other three being; Greener Dallas, Greener Houston and Greener San Antonio. (These are currently being built to localize our “everything green” philosophy)

With the intense growth in population and industry in this area of the United States, we see great opportunity to do something special with the natural resources, the proper planning and implementation and the overall landscape theme of the Texas Triangle.

“This is our chance to make a real difference in the way we capture and distribute water, design/build landscape for commercial and residential properties, implement smart irrigation systems and manage food on a more local, even communal level thus changing industrial agriculture and the environmental demands it places on all our resources. What we do here in the Texas Triangle can have far-reaching effects for other states and for future generations.”  – Chris Martin, author of A Greener Texas is a Greater Texas (release date is spring 2015).

“The change is already taking place everywhere around us. The grass fed beef, the organic vegetables, the farmer’s markets, the new restaurants and the consumer demand for higher quality food and a higher quality life is becoming more and more evident every single day. It is only a matter of time until the construction and landscape industry catches on in a big, big way. I want to be one of the men that is a part of this movement. This movement will be founded on Rainwater collection and advanced distribution, native landscaping in every area, smart irrigation systems, personal and local/ communal edible gardens that change the way we grow and manage our food source.” – Chris Martin, author of A Greener Texas is a Greater Texas (release date is spring 2015)