Flooding Austin, Standing Water, Drainage Solutions, Dry Creek Beds, French Drains, Rain Gardens, Memorial Day Flood, May 2015

Hello everyone,

It has been quite an eventful Memorial Day weekend with a 200 year old record breaking rainfall and flooding. I took my son who is eight, for a drive around our neighborhood in northwest Austin and we saw mass amounts of flooding and standing water in people’s yards and with more rain in the forecast for the next seven to ten days it doesn’t look like it will dissipate very soon. The grounds are completely saturated so any amount of rain now will just contribute to more runoff. I think we needed the rain, no questions asked but this is crazy. I have lived in Austin for 34 years and have been landscaping in Austin since 1994 and have never seen anything like this.

That being said there is no one solution out of this if you are a homeowner with standing water in your yard but there are things we can do to help in the process to alleviate some of those issues. We offer a variety of solutions ranging anywhere from large french drains to our number one solution – a dry creek bed. Dry creek beds are essential in this kind of weather because they divert the water from the most important areas of your yard like your house. And we can landscape around them installing plants that can handle wet feet for days on end and at the same time handle drought conditions.

We have the ability to do complete regrading makeovers offering multiple drainage solutions to your property. Please look at our portfolio for some examples of dry creek beds.

Now with the Austin floods we are offering free estimates and consultations and a 10% discount to all residents that need landscaping done involving drainage solutions.